Illustrator CS5 Shortcuts

01/06/2012 | By Shaun Laakso

If you work a lot with Adobe Illustrator CS5, this list of PC and Mac shortcuts will be a great help to speed up your productivity and get your work done in time. If you are an experienced vector artist, you’ll certainly know the common keyboard methods but the charts also include some little known shortcuts that are handy to use.

Most illustrators, vector artists and web designers have the habit to use shortcuts to open or save their files, copy, paste or cut. But there are many more keystrokes available to save you time. Here you can find the Illustrator CS5 short keys charts with tool shortcuts to open the artboard, select tools or objects, move selections and edit shapes. The charts also include key tricks for the ellipse, paintbrush, shape builder, blend, eyedropper, slice, live paint and other vector design tools. You can find shortcuts for type, transparency, swatches, transformation and color panels, viewing, text and paragraphs for both Windows and Mac OS. Enjoy!


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To see the complete list of Adobe Illustrator CS5 shortcuts, visit (Mac) (PC)


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