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01/02/2012 | By Shaun Laakso

For illustrators, graphic designers and web developers, it is a smart choice to use vector files within your projects, as the vector format offers multiple benefits. Vector files are based on mathematical calculations, while raster graphics are based on pixels and points. The use of vector files allows your graphics to be used in different sizes while retaining the original quality. Vector art is great to use for all your graphic jobs, from a company card to a billboard design.

Vector files store the shapes, lines and colors of your design as a mathematical formula. They are known as Illustrator AI, EPS, SVG, CDR or PDF files. Vector graphics are based on shapes, and are easy to use even for those who don’t have a thorough knowledge about vector based graphics. Vector files are great footage files to start with for new graphic designers, who are keen to adapt themselves to designing.


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With vector design programs as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and Inkscape, you can easily adapt the sizes and colors of existing vector artworks. These programs use mathematical formulae to construct images in the best available quality. The vector format determines where the dots should be placed to construct the image, so the vector image is only limited by the resolution of the display. While using exactly the same vector source file, vector artworks printed on paper will look sharper than displayed on your computer screen.


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It is easy to re-edit vector graphics, as the elements within the designs can be modified individually. You can select certain aspects in the vector designs and modify them by changing their color scheme, or adding further detail. Vector graphics are perfect for print designs as they can be resized as small as a stamp or as large as a football pitch. Vector graphics are clean and sharp, making them ideal for creating posters, flyers, invitations, t-shirt designs or business cards. The vector format is also the perfect format to render fonts and logos as cleanly as possible for your branding and visual identity projects.


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Since vector graphics have several benefits, modern day designers should be encouraged to use vectors in their future design projects. Raster graphics do not retain their original quality of the design as they become distorted when resized to a larger size. Vector graphics retain their original design quality while resized to smaller or larger sizes, without looking pixilated or distorted. Vector files are also smaller in size making transfer process less time consuming. Because of the smaller file size, vector images are the ideal graphics for the web, as they take lesser time to load within websites and web applications.


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The vector format is truly great for any of your print and web projects, and offers many advantages. It’s easier to manipulate a vector file, so you have more creative options. You can easily edit the format and colors. You can create your graphics in outlines, so the fonts never load differently. You can separate the footage from the background and pull apart the design elements you need. You can set up the colors palette to be printed consistently from any printer. You can use the vector files with confidence for all your web and print projects, including blog or web design, email layouts, brochures and stationery designs.


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