Sick vectors: 45 free vectors

Doctor Caring for Sick
Man Feeling Fever
Man with Shaking Chills
Blanket Covering Sick Man Vector
Man with a Cough
Person with Fever in the Bed
Medical Consultation Symptoms Headache and Sore Throat
Virus Symptoms Fever
Healthcare Character with Doctor and Patient in Wheelchair
Elderly Care Doctor Consulting
Covid19 Pneumonia Lungs
Doctor Applying Vaccine
Prohibition Icons for Covid-19 Pandemic
Virus Symptoms Cartoon Character
Virus Protection Icons
Cough Virus Spread
Healthcare Character Female Doctor
Healthcare Character with Doctor in White Coat
Healthcare Character Male Doctor
Wheelchair Rally Vector
Breast Cancer Aawareness Ribbon
Group Therapy Vector
Physiotherapy Vector
Breast Cancer Aawareness Ribbon
Doctor And His Patient
Hospital Wheelchair Vector
Physiotherapist giving theraphy to young Woman Illustration
Leg Therapy by Female Physiotherapist Illustration
Wheelchair and Parking Spot Vector
Types of Wheelchair Vector in Flat Design
Types of Wheelchair Vector
Cannabis Badges Vector Pack
Pills Vector
Retro Illustration of Dentistry
Patient Got Theraphy Illustration
Therapy Equipments Vector Pack
Free Therapy Illustration
Pharmacy Store With City Silhouette Illustration
Retro People Designs
Microbial Vector
Colorful Pills
Cute Cartoon Characters
Free Cartoon Sun Vectors
Pills Capsules
Owl Emoticon Vectors